AppleCheeks Mini Zip - Capsized White Zipper FINAL SALE

$5.99 $10.99

All AppleCheeks™ Storage Sacs are FOOD SAFE!

Designed to keep odour and moisture in and preserve a controlled environment for your soiled cloth diapers between washes, our Storage Sacs come in three generous sizes. Note that our sacs are water-resistant, not waterproof.

  • No excuse for single use! AppleCheeks Sandwich Bags are made with FDA approved food safe-lining, our easy-to-clean sacs are GREAT for sandwiches…and so many other things!

 You'll never need to use single use disposable baggies again!
  • These Sacs wash up like a dream so just throw them into your washload and then hang to dry or dry on low. What could be easier?

Proudly manufactured in Montreal, Canada.