BFF Friendship Bracelets (Zap! Extra)


Celebrate your besties by creating 10 cool friendship bracelets to share.

This epic kit guides you step-by-step through how to make amazing friendship bracelets: from fashionable takes on the traditional best-friend locket bracelet, to strings of rainbows with DIY tassels, to weaving in friends' names and prancing unicorns! It includes all t he accessories and coloured threads that you need to make any of the designs, with enough material to make up to four bracelets.

This kit includes:

• 8 rolls of 4-meter-long (13.1-feet-long) cotton thread
• 1 foam bracelet wheel with 2 double-sided templates
• 28 fashionable beads
• 7 charms
• 1 engraved tag
• 1 threader
• 4 jump rings
• 4 metal clasps
• 2 lobster clips
• 48-page book