Colibri Re-usable Silicone Straws 2pk - Green


Colibri Reusable Silicone Straws are MADE IN CANADA from 100% silicone!  Soft and flexible, they are safe for teeth, easy to clean (hello dishwasher!) and can be sterilized by boiling. Measuring 10", they are great for tall glasses and tumblers.

They are BPA free and tested to meet Health Canada and FDA standards.  The stopper ring at the bottom makes them great for using in tumblers.  Our straws are dishwasher safe, can be washed in the sink or boiled to sterilize.

Also available... cleaning brushes. The cleaning brushes are custom made for Colibri and also manufactured in Canada.  With a stainless steel handle and self-healing nylon bristles, they get the job done while looking great.