Kushies Silibib - Toasted Almond


The Silbib bib is made with super soft food-grade silicone and catch all pocket to catch messes before they hit the floor. The soft silicone is light weight so it won't bother your toddler. Reusable after each meal, just wipe clean or rinse in the sink and it’s ready for the next meal.. An adjustable neckline offers parents flexibility as your child grows. 

PREMIUM MATERIAL: We use premium, 100% food-grade silicone that is naturally odor and stain resistant.

SOFT:  Our silicone bibs are super soft and supple which is more comfortable for baby.   Made with care, these bibs are soft and lightweight to keep your baby from fussing with an uncomfortable bib.

 SAFE: BPA and Phthalate free.

 CATCH-ALL POCKET:  The SIlibiib features a deep catch all front pocket which catches food and keeps baby and surrounding area clean.

 ADJUSTABLE CLOSURE:  Rounded, built in neck closure makes putting on or taking off bib a breeze.  An adjustable neckline offers parents flexibility as your child grows.

 EASY TO CLEAN - This bib is one less thing you need to throw in the washing machine! 

Hand wash. Simply clean with soapy water or wipe with a wet cloth, air dry before storage. 

 FULLY TESTED:  Kushies products are fully tested to meet and often exceed all regulations so you can rest easy.