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La Petite Ourse Night Time Insert


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The La Petite Ours Night Time Insert turns any pocket diaper into a night-time diaper. Designed to soak up higher volumes of liquid, the incredibly absorbent hemp layers will keep your baby dry though the night or during long periods during the day.

This insert is designed to fit inside our All-in-2 diaper and can be snapped using the inner snaps already inside our diaper covers and inserts.It can also be used in any other diaper due to the it's design and suede cloth. It is made of 3 layers of hemp and one layer of polyester suede cloth (allowing for the stay-dry effect). When folded to fit inside the diaper, this insert is a total of 6 high absorbing layers of hemp!!!

*Please note: This insert tends to shrink and somewhat deform after many washes. To avoid this, stretch the fabric by pulling on both extremities of the inserts right after the wash before you air dry or machine dry.