Sarisa Pop Fidget Toy - Rainbow Square

$7.99 $9.99

Popularized on TikTok, these pop sensory fidget toys are great to keep hands occupied, relieve stress and help pass the time.

Press the bubbles and they make the most satisfying popping sound.  When all the bubbles are popped, simply flip and start all over.  Think of it like reusable bubble wrap!

Boba Pops are 12.5 cm in diameter making them small enough to easily carry along with you, but also large and brightly coloured enough not to be misplaced.

Make Boba Pops in to a game for two!  Decide on a number of Bobas to pop on each turn.  Whoever has to pop the final boba loses!  Play strategically or pop as fast as you can for a boba battle!